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Deliverance Prayers and Confessions


General Confession & Prayer

“Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that you are the Son of God. You are the Savior come in the flesh to destroy the works of the devil. You died on the cross for my sins and rose up from the dead. I now confess all of my sins, known and unknown, and repent of each one. I ask You to forgive me and cleanse me in Your blood. I do believe that Your blood cleanses me now from all sin. Thank You, for redeeming me, cleansing me, and sanctifying me in Your blood.”

Forgiveness Prayer

“Lord, others have trespassed against me, but in obedience to Your command I now forgive each person who has ever hurt me in any way. As an act of my will I now forgive (name them, both living and dead). Lord, bless each of these; I love them with Your love, and I ask You to forgive them also. And since You have forgiven me, I also forgive and accept myself in the name of Jesus Christ. The curse of un-forgiveness has no more power in my life.”

Occult Confession Prayer

“I confess as sin and seek Your forgiveness for every occult involvement. I confess having sought from Satan the help that should only come from God. I renounce every occult activity; I renounce Satan and all his works. I loose myself from him, and I take back all the ground I ever yielded to him. I choose the blessing and not the curse. I choose life and not death.”

Loosing From Domination Prayer (Breaking Soul Ties)

“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I now renounce, break and loose myself from all demonic subjection to my mother, my father, my grandparents and any other human beings, living or dead, who have dominated and controlled me in any way. I thank You, Lord, for setting me free.” (Read more about Soul Ties on site)

Psychic Heredity and Bondage Prayer

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I now renounce, break and loose myself and my family from all hereditary curses, and from all demonic bondage placed upon us as the result of sins, transgressions or iniquities through myself, my parents or any of my ancestors. I confess the sins of my forefathers.”

Loosing From Witchcraft & Related Powers

“In the name of Jesus Christ I now rebuke, break and loose myself, and my family, from any and all evil curses operating through charms, vexes, hexes, spells, omens, jinxes, psychic powers, mind control, bewitchments, witchcraft or sorcery, that have been put upon me through any person, or from any cult or occult source. I command all such demonic powers to leave me in the name of Jesus. I am the head and not the tail. I am above and not beneath.”

Come To Jesus, The Deliverer, Prayer

“I come to you, Jesus, as my Deliverer. You know all my problems -- the things that bind me, that torment me, that defile and harass me. I now loose myself from every dark spirit, from every evil influence, from every satanic bandage, from every spirit in me that is not the Spirit of God, and I command all such spirits to leave me now, in the name of Jesus Christ. I now confess that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, redeemed, cleansed and sanctified by the blood of Jesus. Therefore, Satan has no place in me, and no power over me, through the blood of Jesus.”

Breaking Curses Confession

“In the name of Jesus Christ I confess all the sins of my forefathers, and by the redemptive blood of Jesus, I now break the power of every curse passed down to me through my ancestral line. I confess and repent of each and every sin that I have committed, known or unknown, and accept Christ's forgiveness. He has redeemed me from the curse of the law. I choose the blessing and reject the curse. In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, I break the power of every evil curse spoken against me. I cancel the force of every prediction spoken about me, whether intentionally or carelessly, which was not according to God's promised blessings. I bless those who have cursed me. I forgive each person who has ever wronged me or spoken evil of me. In the name of Jesus, I command every evil spirit of curse to leave me now.”

Commitment to Christ

“Heavenly Father, I am your child, redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus. You have given me life, and I now give my life to you. My heart's desire is to glorify your Name. I am an ambassador for Christ and a minister of reconciliation. In Your strength I will love, obey and serve You, all the days of my life. Amen!”

Blood Covenant Prayer

"Through the Blood of Jesus, I am redeemed out of the hand of the devil.  Through the Blood of Jesus, all my sins are forgiven.  The Blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is cleansing me now from all my sin.  Through the Blood of Jesus, I am justified, made righteous, just as if I’d never sinned.  Through the Blood of Jesus, I am sanctified, made holy, set apart for my Master’s use.  My body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, redeemed, cleansed, and sanctified, by the Blood of Jesus.  I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Son, spirit, soul, and body.  His Blood protects me from all evil.  Because of the Blood of Jesus, Satan has no more power over me. And no more place in me.  I renounce you Satan and your hosts completely and I declare you to be my enemies.  I command you Satan and your hosts to leave me now, according to the word of God.  I place (by faith) the Blood of Jesus on my doorposts; I draw the Bloodline of Jesus around family, my friends, possessions, properties and myself.  In Jesus name, amen"

Renunciation and Affirmation Prayer

“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, as a redeemed child of God, I come to you purchased by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I here and now renounce, revoke, and cancel out all consent, sin, and any ground lost or given to Satan, and occult involvement ever lost or given knowingly or unknowingly to demon powers, by myself, my husband (if applicable), my parents, and my ancestors. I do it now by claiming complete forgiveness and cleansing in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also renounce, revoke, and cancel out the devil and all his works, including all form of bondage. I now claim and take back all the ground ever lost or given to evil spirits, by my husband, my parents, my ancestor, and myself.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I now command these evil spirits to depart from me and go to the pit of hell now, and never return. I also surrender and dedicate myself completely, spirit, soul, body, mind, will, and emotions to the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that you would now fill me with your Holy Spirit and guide me into all truth John 16:13. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Warfare Prayer 1 - Before Starting Your Day

Gracious God, I acknowledge that You are worthy of all honor, glory and praise. I am thankful for the victorious work of Your Son, Jesus Christ at Calvary for me. I appropriate His victory for myself now as I willingly surrender every area of my life to Your will.

Thank you for the forgiveness and righteousness that has been given to me as Your adopted child. I trust in Your protection and provision daily. I know that your love for me never ceases.

I rejoice in Your victory, my Lord, over all the principalities and powers in the heavenlies. In faith I stand in Your victory and commit myself to live obediently for You my King.

I desire that my fellowship with You become greater. Reveal to me those things that grieve You and enables the enemy to secure an advantage in my life. I need the Holy Spirit's powerful ministry in my life; bringing conviction of sin, repentance of heart, strengthening my faith and increasing perseverance in resisting temptation.

Help me to die to self and walk in the victory of the new creation You have provided for me. Let the fruits of the Spirit flow out of my life so that You will be glorified through my life.

I know that it is Your will that I should stand firm and resist all of the enemy's work against me. Help me to discern the attacks upon my thoughts and emotions. Enable me to stand upon Your Word and resist all the accusations, distortions and condemnations that are hurled against me.

It is my desire to be transformed through the renewing of my mind, so that I will not compromise with the ways of the world, or yield to the enemy's attacks, but be obedient to Your will.

I draw upon those spiritual resources that You have provided me and I attack the strongholds and plans of the enemy that have been put in place against me. I command in the name of Jesus Christ that the enemy must release my mind, will, emotions and body completely. They have been yielded to the Lord and I belong to Him.

Lord, enable me to become the person You created me to be. Help me as I pray to be strong in faith. Show me how to apply Your Word in my life each day. I know that I wear the full armor of God when I am committed to and stand firmly upon Your Word. I want You to have the supreme place in my life.

I surrender myself completely to You, Lord. You are always faithful and You extend Your grace to me constantly, even when I do not realize it. I claim Your promise of forgiveness and cleansing in its fullness. In faith, I receive the victory today that you have already put in place for me. I do this in the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior with a grateful heart. In the name and power of the Blood of Jesus, Amen

Warfare Prayer 2 - Before Starting Your Day

Heavenly Father,  I bow in worship and praise before you. I cover myself with the blood of Jesus Christ and claim the protection of the blood for my family, my finances, my home, my spirit, soul and body. I surrender myself completely in every area of my life to you. I take a stand against all the workings of the devil and anything that would try and hinder us serving you. I address myself only to the true and living God who has all power and control over everything. satan, I command you and all your demon forces of darkness, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to leave my presence. I bring the blood of Jesus Christ between the devil and my family, my home, my finances, my spirit, soul and body.  In Jesus Name

I declare, therefore, that satan and his wicked spirits are subject to me in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, in my own life today I destroy and tear down all the strongholds of satan and smash the plans of satan that have been formed against me and my family. I tear down the strongholds of the devil against my mind and I surrender my mind to you, Blessed Holy Spirit.

I affirm, Heavenly Father, that you have not given me the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Therefore, I resist the spirit of fear, in the name of Jesus, the Son of the Living God, and I refuse to fear, refuse to doubt, refuse to worry, because I have authority (power) over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt me (Luke 10:19).

I claim complete and absolute victory over the forces of darkness in the name of Jesus and I bind the devil and command him to loose my peace, joy, prosperity, and every member of my family for the glory of God and by FAITH I call it done. I break and smash the strongholds of Satan formed against my emotions today and give my emotions to you, Lord Jesus. I destroy the strongholds of satan against my body today and I give my body to you Lord Jesus, realizing that I am the Temple of the Holy Ghost (I Corinthians 3:16, I Corinthians 6:19-20).

Again, I cover myself with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and pray that the Holy Ghost would bring all the work of the crucifixion, all the work of the resurrection, all the work of the ascension and all the work of  restoration of the Lord Jesus Christ into my life today. I surrender my life and possessions to you. I refuse to fear, worry, or be discouraged in the name of Jesus. I will not hate, envy, or show any type of bitterness toward my brothers, sisters, or my enemies, but I will LOVE them with the love of God shed aboard in my heart by the Holy Ghost.

Open my eyes and show me the areas of my life that do not please you and give me the strength, grace and wisdom to remove any sin or weight that would prevent your close fellowship. Work in me to cleanse me from all ground that would give the devil a foothold against me. I claim in every way the victory of the cross over all satanic forces in my life. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with thanksgiving and I welcome all the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  In the name and power of the Blood of Jesus, Amen

The Yoke-Destroying Power of Jesus!

 “Praise God, the yoke-destroying power of Jesus Christ has freed me from every oppression of the devil.  The anointing of the Anointed One is mine.  I’m a part of the body of Christ the Anointed, which is where His anointing resides in the earth today. Fear, in any area of my life, will not be tolerated.  Perfect love at the Cross-has cast it out.  Therefore; I take authority over fear and rip its yoke off my neck.  I’m standing in faith in the Anointed One and His anointing, no longer bent over by fears oppression. I release my faith right now and connect with the anointing, I receive my deliverance , I receive my healing right now, In Jesus name, Amen.

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