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 Symptoms of Behavior that may be observed

These are several areas where demonic activities are usually noticed and deliverance is needed.  Look, carefully, and see if you are someone you know have any of these signs.

1. Deep Seeded Emotional Problems that just refuse to go away: feelings of rejection, resentment, self-pity, inferiority, insecurity, un-forgiveness and self-hatred. *(These were major symptoms that plagued me for many years before deliverance. I had developed emotions of self-destruction: self-pity, self-accusation, self-rejection, self-condemnation, self-will, self-rule, selfishness, self-deception, self-seduction, self-delusion, self-consciousness, self-analysis, self-evaluation, self-concern, self-indulgence, self-gratification, self-savior, self-defeat, self-reproach, self-concern, self-criticism, self-vindication, self-hatred, self-exaltation, self-promotion, self-reward and I was a total mess! The Holy Ghost had to reveal this information to me and then, I was able to renounce all of it and choose to be led by the Spirit). Demons are real and the symptoms are very real. If this is you or someone you know, help is available, thank God.


2. Mental Problems of the Mind and Thought Life: indecision, procrastination, confusion, loss of memory for no apparent reason, constant thoughts of failure, doom and can’t do anything right. *(These problems developed early in my home life due to verbal abuse. It was hard to focus on one thing and follow through because I had no confidence to complete anything).  God has delivered me and goal setting is no longer a problem. I am focused and have purpose. So can you! God has no favorites and is no respecter of persons. He will help anyone who comes to Him for help, anyone.

3. Severe Speech Problems: unruly tongue, full of cursing, mockery, gossip, belittling others, lying, stuttering; and critical talking for no reason at all. *(Lying became part of my daily habit to avoid punishment. I was daily accused of things I had no knowledge of, and told lies to keep the person happy or off my case. I would be beaten when I told the truth and when I told lies, so I decided to never tell the truth anymore). Thank God He has delivered me from lying.


4. Deep Seeded Sex Problems: constant unclean thoughts of lust and acts concerning sex, fantasy sex with others, prostitution, fornication, adultery, incest, homosexuality, masturbation, body traveling, flirtation and wet dreams all day and night. *(As a child, I would travel at night to visit places and people. My names were Maria and Antonio. It seemed natural to be both female and male because those kinds of spirits were often in my bedroom. People often would come to me and play. These were demons, but at the time, I did not know this).


5. Addictions/Compulsions: uncontrollable urge or habit for anything you no longer can control.  It is a habit for drugs, nicotine, alcohol, medicines, caffeine, food, sex or anything that has control over your mind.  *(TV, videos/games, computers, soap operas). Delivered from Soaps and The Pretender. Ha!


6. Physical Infirmity: constant sickness, disease, illnesses, discomfort, weakness or bad feeling. *(From the age of eight until twenty-eight (20 years), I suffered severe menstrual cramps. The pains were so severe that I was hospitalized as a child. I would pass out at school, at work and anywhere I happened to be when my cycle would come on. I loss days from school and was threatened to be fired, from work. The evil tormenting spirits of pain and torment were cast out of me and commanded to leave on April 5, 1985. They have never returned). You can be delivered from cramps too!


7. Religious Error:  deception through involvement with literature, objects, people, places or things that deny the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as the way of atonement for all of mankind sins as well as salvation; any anti-Christ teachings that deny the Virgin Birth of Jesus; any teachings that would exalt a person above the name of Jesus; or deny the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It causes wrong teachings to be upheld and believed as truths; divides churches; hinders ministry; causes False Compassion and Loyalty; usually misleads ministers to set themselves up as God. It causes church folks to be wounded by leadership; cause of Religious Pride and Rebellion; and Greed. This is the main cause of church spiritual abuse. Deception will keep any church and its leadership going in cycles of defeat, but appearing to advance. Jesus is head of the church. He has a divine plan, which involves being led by the Holy Ghost, not a board. *(I spent years trying to please leadership, in three different churches, thinking I was pleasing God.

Being lead by the Spirit is much better than leaning to my own understanding).


8. Wandering: aimless, roaming about from place to place, house to house; job to job; church to church; person to person; lover to lover, with the absence of any fixed course or goal. Often times rambling as a fugitive, unsettled, irresponsible, con artist.  Sometimes, homeless, restless, hobo in extreme poverty; financial ruin, hard times, many hurts, destruction, cheating, extortion, and sorrow. Often seeking endlessly, business failure, stumbling blocks hopelessness, mishaps, slumps and never reap. Having tragedy, soul traveling, loss of everything, misery, setbacks, despair, suicide, wanting and thoughts of never recovering often follows the main demon spirit, Gypsy Vagabond Spirits.  *(These symptoms followed me since I was eighteen. Little did I know that a Generational Curse had been activated against me. It was very difficult to live above water most of the time. Money, no matter how plentiful or how little, did not make a difference. When the Holy Ghost revealed this information to me. It was an immediate change). The curse is broken off my life forever, Praise God!



NOTE: This list only suggests what may be encountered and is by no means intended to be Exhaustive in nature. Information of how demons set themselves up in groups will assist anyone operating in deliverance ministry.

(Demon listed in Bold Print often times rule over the others listed)

¨ Bitterness: keep hurtful incidents alive and fresh as though it just happened; detailed memory; *(This one thing will keep “flash backs” of abuse and hurts fresh in the mind)

Resentment Hatred Murder Violence Temper
Anger Un-forgiveness Retaliation Hurt Memory Recall



¨ Rebellion: spirit of Anti-Christ, disobedience and disrespect for authority of any kind;

*(Often seen in the Strong-Willed Child or very Gifted Child)






Disrespect Authority





Self Will


¨ Strife: spirit causes constant bickering and arguments, usually operates with Perfection spirit *(This spirit will tear up relationships of all kind)













¨ Control: spirit causes parents, spouse, pastor or leader to dominate and manipulate to control;

*(This spirit causes one to “give up their soul” and hand it over to another... and loose the ability to think for themselves, totally depend on others to live)  






Spiritual Abuse



¨ Retaliation: causes a person to return evil for evil; get even;

*(This spirit fosters revenge; plotting and planning to get back at someone)  











¨ Accusation: causes one to find fault, criticize and blame others;

*(This spirit comes as a result of repeated negative name calling as a child)








¨ Rejection: Causes inability for one to receive or give love to God and man;

*(This spirit will drive one to kill or demean oneself and others)   

Self-Rejection  Fear of Rejection Worthlessness
Self-Pity Inferiority  Low Self Esteem



¨ Insecurity: causes one to feel threatened, unsafe, cast aside; inferior; low self esteem;

*(This spirit will drive a person insane to compete and insult others, Just to make itself look good, especially, in ministry)   



Shyness   Timidly Accusation Inadequacy
Self-pity Worthlessness Inferiority  Out cast   


Jealousy: causes suspicion, fear, resentment, and bitterness of being replaced by a rival;

*(This spirit will, actually,” break” a person’s will to control and manipulate them)  

Envy     Suspicion Selfishness Distrust
Paranoia Evil Eye Witchcraft  



¨ Withdrawal: causes one to stagnate in life: spirit, soul and body; removed from society;

*(This spirit will terrorize and grip a person with extreme fear of any or everything)

Fantasy    Pouting Pretension Unreality


Schizophrenia Fetal Position  



¨ Escape: causes one to develop a lifestyle of being unable to cope with reality; irresponsible;

*(This spirit is responsible for “not recovering” from grief and tragedy) 


Sleepiness Passivity Drugs
Alcohol Funk Laziness  


¨ Passivity: causes one to totally become inactive; non caring; spaced out;

*(This spirit usually speaks and say, “I just don’t care!” or “So, I don’t care!”)

Funk Listlessness Indifference
Lethargy Escape  



¨ Depression: causes a condition of deep dejection and sadness; low in spirit;

*(This spirit will take a person totally out of action to the point of death, life is not worth living anymore) Keep an eye on depressed loved ones)

Fatigue  Exhaustion     


Despondency Discouragement
Defeat Dejection Death Suicide Insomnia





¨ Heaviness: causes a person’s heart to grieve or feel weighted down with worry;

*(This spirit will sap the life out and make one look, feel, appear aged; very old)

Gloom      Disgust


Sorrow Depression  


¨ Worry: causes such a fear of something that may never happen; illness of the soul; vexation;

*(This spirit will also cause pre-mature ageing; too old looking for their age)

Fear        Dread Anxiety Apprehension
Phobia Paranoia Indecision  


¨ Nervousness: causes problems relating to the nerves or nervous system; unrest;      

*(Usually biting fingernails or clipping them short until they actually bleed and sometimes biting the inside lining of the mouth is practiced)   


Restlessness Insomnia Gluttony
Excitement Tension Nervous Habits      


¨ Sensitiveness: causes intense feelings; easily hurt or offended;

*(This spirit has a person “always” apologizing or putting others down)

Fear of Man    Fear of Disapproval Self-awareness


¨ Persecution: causes harassment, cruel treatment; annoy; pranks;

*(This spirit will push a person do insane and cruel pranks; teasing. *(I was teased from 1st - 3rd grades both at School and on the Bus)   

Fear of Accusation

Fear of Judgment Fear of Condemnation Unfairness
Fear of Reproof Teasing, excessive teasing Extreme pranks Name Calling



¨ Mental Illness: causes various forms of psychosis or severe neurosis;

*(Mostly inherited, but can come through repeated un-forgiveness for others. Also called Temporary Insanity or Spiritual Insanity)  

Insanity    Retardation     Madness Mania Schizophrenia
Paranoia Hallucinations Mental Disorder Mental Disease Arrested Development



¨ Schizophrenia: causes multiple or split personality; severe mental disorder;

*(Mostly inherited; also through refusal to truly forgive self or others.  Can affect children with very strict up bringing; abusive childhood)

Delusions    Hallucinations   Insecurity Rejection Lust Self-Accusation
False Compassion Persecutions Rebellion Self-Will Root of Bitterness  



¨ Paranoia: causes excessive distrust of others, delusions, hostile intentions;

*(This spirit enters a person who chooses to be dishonest; also inherited. Can also result from very strict child rearing; unstable emotions; fear)  

Suspicion    Jealousy     Envy Distrust
Persecution Fears Confrontation  


¨ Confusion: causes disorder, chaos; loves to argue; must be “right” all the time;

*(Causes “black outs” or “blank mind” moments at a time. Also as a result of very strict child rearing; abuse; neglect)  

Disorientation  Mental State  Frustration
Forgetfulness Incoherence  


¨ Doubt: causes uncertainty, suspicion, and distrust;

*(This spirit robs a person of Faith in God; to be healed; to be free; to be happy) 






¨ Indecision: causes inability to decide or make choices; put on hold;

*(This spirit robs a person from receiving “anything” from God, and thus, lives a life of total defeat and frustration; nothing good ever happens)  

Double Minded   

Procrastination     Compromise
Indifference Forgetfulness  


¨ Self-Deception: causes self-deceit and one to deceive himself/herself;

*(This spirit will cause a person to not hear or believe the real truth about God’s love; un-natural weight gain)           

Pride        Self-Delusion Self-Seduction



¨ Mind Binding: causes restriction and control of the mind.

*(Signs of spiritual church abuse)   


Confusion Fear of Man

Fear of Failure


¨ Fears: causes emotional distress; anxiety attacks;

*(Usually trauma from childbirth or childhood; abuse; violent temper; anger)  


Hysteria Fear of Authority Lying Deceit



¨ Pride: causes arrogance, vanity; prejudice;

* (Usually builds a person up for a hard fall later in life; in denial)   

High Minded   Arrogance Ego Vanity
Self-Righteousness Haughtiness Great importance Proud Look


¨ Affection: causes one to act artificial; not real; con-artist; sly;

*(This spirit will cause one to be a fake; a hypocrite around others. Also due to low self-esteem; childhood verbal abuse)  

Playacting    Pretension   Mind Control Manipulation Attention Getting


¨ Covetousness: causes one to be attached or attracted to wrongful desires; Kleptomania

*(Among Christians, the “Bless Me like you did So and So, Syndrome)  

Stealing  Greed Material lust



¨ Perfection: causes state of mind to be perfect in all things at all times; stressed out; nagging

*(Always correcting others, even when asked not to do so)   

Pride      Anger Vanity Frustration
Criticism Intolerance Ego Superiority


¨ Competition: causes rivalry for supremacy;

*(Must “out do” others or “show them up” at any cost)   

Pride    Argument Ego Frustration Resentment


¨ Impatience: causes an unwillingness to put up with, respect or tolerate others;

*(Too strict on others; too quick to judge motives of others without any proof)  

Frustration  Agitation Criticism Intolerance


¨ False Burden: causes burdens too heavy; and unable to bear that is not from God;

*(Makes one commit to something without knowing all the facts/details) 

False Responsibility 

False Compassion False Friendship False Love



¨ Grief: causes mental suffering over loss or affliction

*(This spirit will cause a person to loose “everything” dear, close, and important)

Distress   Painful Regret Painful Regret Sorrow
Heartache Crying Cruel Deep Sadness


¨ Fatigue: causes exhaustion of body and mind (sometimes unto death);

*(This spirit “drains” every ounce of energy trying to hang on to people who should no longer be in your life; people who waste your time; People who still use and abuse you; people you are addicted to;)

Weariness     Tiredness    Laziness     Stress Struggle


¨ Infirmity: causes physical weakness or ailment; lack of strength; Death and Pain

*(Causes un-natural sickness or illness. I had twenty years of severe cramps)   

Any Sickness Any Disease Any Illness


¨ Death: causes the end of a life; a state of being dead;


¨ Inheritance: causes transmittance from parent to offspring; to receive one’s portion;

*(This spirit is Generational, meaning it will affect your children; theirs, etc.)  

Physical    Emotional Mental Social
Financial Sexual Generational Curses  



¨ Cursing: causes profanity, nasty mouth; foul mouth.

*(This spirit will prey on those who do not, yet, know, “You have what you say”, it is a Divine Spiritual Law that cannot be broken)   

Gossip     Backbiting      Mockery
Belittling Course Jesting Blasphemy


¨ Addictive/Compulsive: causes habit forming manners or lifestyle;

*(This spirit takes and holds a person’s soul captive so they have no “Will Power” Or “Strength” to resist or fight back)

Alcohol     Drugs    Nicotine Medications Caffeine
Gluttony Restlessness Pressure Driving  


¨ Gluttony: causes excess habits of eating or drinking;

*(This spirit sole purpose is to drive a person to drink or eat or drug him/herself to death)   

Self-pity  Idleness Resentment Nervousness

 Compulsive Habits

Surfeiting Funk Apathy Passivity  


¨ Guilt: causes one to feel remorse for some offence or wrongdoing;

*(This spirit keeps a person feeling “unclean or unworthy” to come to God.  We were all born “unclean,” God knows this and wants to Cleanse us all) 

Condemnation   Shame     Embarrassment Unworthiness Inferior complex



¨ Sexual Impurity: controls the body and mind to seek sex that cannot be satisfied; demonic;

*(This “Bad Boy” spirit will drive anyone to do or act like a beast, when it comes to sex. It CANNOT ever be satisfied; no matter how many times of day one has an intercourse. The only thing that can tame this spirit is The Holy Word of God and The Holy Spirit! Do not be deceived into thinking, “I can handle this myself.” Cast it out!)

Lust   Fantasy Lust   Masturbation    Homosexuality  Lesbianism 
Adultery Fornication Incest Rape Molestation
Harlotry Sexual Exposure Frigidity Body Traveling Pornography
Adult video Addiction Funk Escape Schizophrenia  



¨ Occult: secret, supernatural powers or agents dealing in witchcraft; demonic powers;

*(Owls, frogs, African masks, some toys and other things that appear “harmless” opens  and becomes a door for evil spirits to enter and torment,  especially, in toys and stuffed animals) 

Horoscope     Astrology     Ouija Board ESP
Palmistry Handwriting analysis Automatic Handwriting Hypnotism
Fortune Telling Tarot Cards Pendulum Black Magic
White Magic Charms Fetishes Conjuration
Incantation Levitation Body Traveling  


¨ Cults: any Organization, Society or Social Agency that claims the Holy Bible as Doctrine, but                  Reject The Blood Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ for sin of all mankind; refuse to confess Jesus as Lord; refuses the virgin birth of Jesus; *(Well known organizations)

Jehovah Witnesses Christian Science Rosicrucian Unity Mormonism
Muslim Eastern Star Masons Lodges Unitarianism



¨ Religious: pretends and imitate Christ-likeness for the purpose of deception, error, and control; full of argument, un-teachable spirit; *(Pays too much attention to the flesh)

Legalism Doctrinal Obsession Seduction
Doctrinal Error Fear of Hell Fear of God
Fear of Lost Salvation Letter of the Law (No Grace) Harsh
Controlling Spirits Busy Body Time Waster
Un-teachable False pride Factious spirit


¨ Spiritual Hindrance: blocks faith, Bible reading, prayer, Gifts of the Spirit, hearing the voice of God, listening to the Word, Fruit of the Spirit; always planning to do good, but fail to follow through; always yearning, but never obtaining lasting Spiritual Fulfillment; *(Makes one dull of hearing and receiving from God)

Mental Confusion

Depression Resist Bible Truth
Physical Pain Physical Sickness (illness) Spiritual Insanity
Seduction Deception Distraction
Idolatry Spirit of the Child Sleepiness
Vanity Busy Body Workaholic
Frustration Worldly Lust Condemnation
Guilt Shame Hypocrisy
Religious Self-Righteousness False Friends
False Gifts Un teachable Perfection
Too Busy Unforgiveness Root of Bitterness
Spiritual Blindness Spiritual Deafness Spiritual Pride
False Loyalty Importance Forgetfulness
Neglect Short Attention Span Intolerance
Spiritual Church Abuse Greed  


Be aware of new and used stuffed animals and other toys. If your child begins to cry

during naptime just after getting a “new” or “added” toy, watch closely.

Remove the suspected toy's) or item's) from the child’s crib, bed, or playpen.

If the child STOPS crying after you remove the toy's) or item's), wait a few moments

and replace the toy or item one-by-one. Listen out for which toy/item makes the child cry.

Once you find the toy's) or item's), throw it away! Burn it if possible so others cannot use it.

Command the evil spirit to leave in the name of Jesus!

Pray this prayer:

       Father God, in the name of Jesus, I ask that Your Peace return to my child.

       I also ask for divine protection over my household and me.

       Please give me a Spirit of Discernment to detect the presence of evil spirits.

       Fill me now with Your Holy Spirit who is the Power of God. Thank You. Amen


 Copyright © 2000 (Nikki Jourdan)

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